Kay Koplovitz, Loreen Arbus, Pat Mitchell

There were goddesses before there were gods. The converse is true in media, where women have been encroaching steadily upon a market historically cornered by men. If the trend continues … well, let’s not frighten the bejesus out of the bearded ilk.

Anyhow, a few years ago, former Showtime and Lifetime queenpin and crack tango terpsichorean Loreen Arbus teamed up with USA Networks founder Kay Koplovitz and came up with an initiative called She Made It: Women Creating Television and Radio.

Arbus, daughter of the late ABC-TV progenitor Leonard Goldenson, is the first woman in the United States to spearhead programming for a national network—let alone two!

She Made It honors and celebrates the relentless female incursion into traditionally male media, from producing to directing to writing to, yes, sportscasting.

Under the aegis of the Paley Center for Media, previously known as the Museum of Television & Radio, a brand-new platoon of 50 goal-getting giants in the biz were inducted into the pantheon of female media magnates in November. Among them: Salma Hayek, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Candice Bergen, Andrea Mitchell, Martha Stewart, Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Goodman, and Paula Zahn.

Due to her dynamic support of the achievements of women, minorities, and the disabled, Paley Center trustee Loreen Arbus was initiated into the hall of fame of her own creation last year.

Of course, it’s still a man’s world. Sort of.

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Paula Zahn, Marlo Thomas Dan Hicks and Hannah Storm
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Dr. Ruth Westheimer Caroline Hirsch, Loreen Arbus,
William White
photos by Joan Jedell & DougGoodman.com
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