Heather Mills, Baby, Jana Kohl, Gloria Steinem

There’s nothing like a cocktail party with a cause. Guests gathered at the home of Andrea and John Stark to celebrate the book launch of author Jana Kohl’s book, A Rare Breed of Love: The True Story of BABY and the Mission She Inspired to Help Dogs Every­where. Tara Murphy and Joshua Zamir, Lori and Bruce Gendelman, Beth Ostrosky, Heather Mills, Gloria Steinem, Todd Oldham, and the Humane Society of the United States’ VP Michael Markarian hosted the affair.

Kohl, a writer, artist, psychologist, and animal welfare advocate, was inspired by Baby to write the tome, a puppy mill survivor who endured years of torture from a Cali­for­­nia dog breeder. It’s a collection of heartwarming photos and stories told by celebrities. In addition to the accounts told by the party hosts, New York Mets’ David Wright, Alice Walker, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Tyler, Eric Idle, Kimora Lee Simmons and others shared their personal pet tales for the book.

At one point during the fab evening, Mills was left without a leg to stand on as her passion for the cause was sidetracked by the inattentive crowd. She yelled into the microphone: “Listen up in the back! I haven’t been up for 24 hours and flew here from London to be ignored!” Despite the outburst, partygoers enjoyed cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and the musical performance from the companion CD by Bryan Harrell.

Proceeds from the book were donated to The Humane Society’s anti-puppy-mill campaign. Kohl and Baby will tour the country to raise awareness about puppy cruelty and promote love and affection for our four-legged family members.

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Baby, Jana Kohl, Heather Mills
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