Bling Throne

For those who always demand more, even in the loo, Jemal Wright Bath Design Studio introduces the World’s First Chrome-Plated Porcelain Toilet, the top-of-the-line and extravagant ISIS bowl. Fully or partially hand-set with the world’s finest Swarovski crystals, this sparkling and studded toilet comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and in over 40 different stone colors. Pamper that royal Hampton arse. Approx. $75,000. Available at

Couture Cell

Christian Dior, following its tradition of innovation, creativity and know-how, now redefines the relationship between a woman and her cell phone. Thanks to technology, diamonds, and sapphire crystals, Dior gives birth to one of most stunning flip phones on the market. Designed to meet the daily needs of the uber-busy Dior woman, the phone presents crystal clear sound, perfect resolution, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s truly a smart piece of jewelry. $27,000 ($5,500 without diamonds). Available in Christian Dior boutiques.

Dog Daze

Just like you, your pets need adequate sunlight. To that end, the SunSpa simulates sunlight shining through a window, soothing and comforting any indoor pet, using purified full-spectrum light that lasts 5,000 hours. Benefits can include reducing the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, reduced risk of illness, better sleep, improved mood, and more energy. The foldout bed is made from Crypton material, which is bacteria, odor, stain, and water-resistant, as well as super-soft and breathable—yet virtually indestructible. $300-$400. Available at

Hot Wheels

Segway and Ferrari have teamed up to create a hot new limited-edition scooter: the Segway Personal Transporter (PT). It features LeanSteer technology and responds instantly to even the subtlest body motions. Additionally, the wireless controller is an all-in-one key and information center, allowing you to turn it on and set the speed and functions. Approx. $11,000. Available at

Gold Standard

The Ultimate Solid Gold Pen Tray has been unveiled by Mark and Diane Weisback, an international award-winning New York-based sculpture/designer team (and married couple). The elegant, collectible “Goldenwave” has mirror-polished heavy gold sheeting with a reclaimed, natural ebony wood base trimmed in fine Scottish leather. Curvaceous, modern and sculptural, each tray is custom made. $3,600. Available at
Dining & Beyond

Poggenpohl, in cooperation with Draenert, introduces the new Dining Desk, which features a multifunctional area that opens lengthwise by an electrical motor. The open center contains stainless steel panels for cutlery or cutting boards. Trolleys that provide additional convenience for cooking directly at the table can be placed at the ends. The Dining Desk is available in 13 natural stone varieties and five wood veneers. The statuario marble version is $47,000. Available at