Joan Jedell, Sirio Maccioni

Things may not be good on Wall Street but they sure seem bullish for Hampton Sheet publisher Joan Jedell, who tossed herself a “surprise” birthday soiree at Le Cirque. “If you want to be sure things are done right, you have to do it yourself,” says Jedell.

Guests included Cornelia and Marty Bregman, Donna and Dick Soloway, RFR Realty’s Richard Farley, Ken Starr and Diane Passage, Francine LeFrak and Rick Friedberg, Andrew Stein, Loreen Arbus, David Granoff, Riki Kane Larimer, Catherine Saxton, and Angela and Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabov. And since then we’ve heard that Jacob will be facing 37 months in the clinker for lying to federal investigators about a multi-million dollar drug ring. Hey, like Cindy Adams says, “If you’re indicted, you’re invited!” We wish him luck.

Diane Passage and Ken Starr, Jacob and Angela Arabov
Francine and Rick Friedberg Sasha Tereshchenko and Andrew Stein
Richard Farley,
Riki Kane Larimer, Sheri Jedell
Cornelia Bregman, Catherine Saxton
Loreen Arbus, Riki Kane Larimer, Donna and Dick Soloway
Scott Weiner and Sheri Jedell, David Granoff, Richard Farley
photos by Joan Jedell
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