Amanda Burden and Charlie Rose

Start spreading the news. At the New Yorker for New York City Gala at the Waldorf, the Citizens Committee for NYC raised $1.3 mil for community improvement in the city that never sleeps. Mayor David Dinkins, Betsy Gotbaum, Charlie Rose, and Renee Fleming presented awards to passionate champions of the city’s neighborhoods. Amanda Burden, Jack O’Kelley III, Peter Gelb, Karen Cohen, Bill Cunningham, and Karen Washington walked away with various trophies to signify their contributions to the Big Apple.

Disposable cameras were placed on each table and guests were asked to, all at once, turn them on Bill Cunningham, who would then know how it feels to have his photo taken for a change.

For more than 30 years, the Citizens Committee for New York City has been in the trenches, boosting the quality of life in the greatest city in the world. It’s up to us, New York, New York!

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Bill Cunningham, Inger Elliot Peter Gelb, soprano Renee Fleming
Karen Cohen, Mayor Bloomberg, Karen Washington
photos by George Stilabower
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