Bill O'Shaughnessy

Friends, followers, and fans gathered at the launch of William O'Shaughnessy's fourth must-read, Vox Populi: The O'Shaughnessy Files, as Dan Rather and Maria Cuomo Cole (standing in for Gov. Mario Cuomo) played host. Mark Simone welcomed supporters of the president and CEO of Westchester's Whitney Radio. “A lot of amazing people are here at this impressive event to honor William O'Shaughnessy and his new book,” he said. “I see so many stars, and several studs. Just looking around the room - Gay Talese, Ken Auletta, Cindy Adams...” TV legend Dan Rather urged everyone to buy not one copy of the buzzing book, but five! Select friends and family were invited to join O'Shaughnessy for a fabulous dinner in a private room at Le Cirque hosted by Sirio Maccioni, topping off a beautiful evening.

Robin Elliott Jo Hallingby

Dan Rather, Cindy Adams, Robert Zimmerman


Costas Kondylis, Sirio Maccioni

photos by Joan Jedell &
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