Marcia Mishaan, Fe Saracino Fendi

Everything is beautiful at the ballet. And everything was extra-beautiful at the New York City Ballet Annual Luncheon, assuming one had a predilection for watching guys in tights sashay their stuff. After all, “Ballet is man–too!” (which was the event’s tagline), yet a masculine form of the word ballerina doesn’t even exist. Gynophobic ballet enthusiasts have long bemoaned the tutu set’s overall propensity for hogging the limelight. Alas, true gender parity is a long way off, even in the 21st century.

In order to combat this blistering inequality, at least for a day, the female-heavy audience at the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center-including Sex and the City’s Candace Bushnell and 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl—were treated to a delectable lineup of male-only performances culled from George Baldachine’s timeless choreographies, followed by a panel discussion with NYCB master-in-chief Peter Martins and a few of his hunky ballerinas, followed by a tasty luncheon at the Theater’s Promenade. Yes, real food was served as well.

Caroline Dean, Nina Griscom, Katie von Strasser, Nicole Miller,
Marc Hruschka (CEO of Chopard)
Nina Griscom, Susan Duffy of Chopard,
Arie Kopelman
Marc Hruschka, Patricia Shiah NYCB dancers Tiler Peck
and Tyler Angle
Luncheon co-chair Caroline Dean Helen Schifter
Mannequins modeling NYCB costumes
and Chopard’s world renowned luxurious jewels and precision timepieces
NYCB dancer Jaoquin De Luz,
Alexandra Lebenthal
photos by John Calabrese
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