Donald and Melania Trump

The 51st International Red Cross Ball at Mar-A-Lago featured more chairs than a furniture store.

Bill and Nancy Ellison Rollnick, Sarah Ferguson (Dutchess of York), Susan and James Keenan, Susan and Dominick Telesco, Michelle Kessler, Anka Palitz, Nancy Raquet, and Sandy Krakoff. Nancy Brinker, Elizabeth Meigher, and Ivanka Trump chaired the Young Friends Gala dance held concurrently by the pool. The Donald officiated as Chair man of Ambassadorial Arrangements, which mainly entailed shaking various ambassadors’ hands and telling them they’re fired. Whoops, wrong show.

Following a 30-year run as chief of protocol, Ambassador Marion Smoak has passed the torch to former Ambassador to Denmark Stuart A. Bernstein, who presented a flawless chief-of-protocol debut. Trump’s late mother, Mary, attended in spirit via her fabled meat loaf atop truffled mashed potatoes; blackened sea bass was offered as an alternative for all the cholesterol-conscious among the tiaraed, gowned, and cummerbunded congregation.

The International Red Cross Ball was launched in 1957 by Marjorie Merriweather Post; two awards were presented in her honor to Ambassador Smoak and to Grand Benefactors Emeriti Lawrence and Florence De George.

The Prince and Princess of Hungary and some 400 additional individuals of distinction, including a fully uniformed detail of the 4th Anglico Marine Corps, were on hand in support of the cause.

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Katie and Leo Vecellio Bonnie McElveen Hunter,
Bill and Nancy Rollnick
alt alt
Wilma and Ambassador
Stuart Bernstein
David and Suzette Morris
alt alt
Susan and Dom Telesco Senator Bill and Grace Nelson
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Archduke Georg von Habsburg and Archduchess Eilika von Habsburg
of Hungary
Brigitte Person and Amb. Friis Arne
Peterson of Denmark
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Betsy and James Meany Robert and Ellen Jaffe
photos by Lucien Capehart
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